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Automated marking ( BETA ) PDF Print E-mail
Written by humfras   
Friday, 04 September 2009 21:17
The aim of this project is to auto mark the mobs. This feature is since version 1.0 available but not really published. So many people want to test it, here is a explanation how to use it.


  1. You have already assigned player and croud control in the settings window
  2. You marked in your first raid with RaidMobMarker.
  3. You set in the Keybindings one key for "Markmode" (Section RaidMobMarker in the Keybinding)


  1. For every group turn the markmode on
  2. Take every mob in your target that you want mark. If you are close enough you can press TAB for this
  3. If there are still mobs unmarked so:
    1. These kind of mob is not known. You have to assign a symbol manually so it can be saved.
    2. You have not enough player for needed croud control. For exmaple not enough mages for sheeps.
  4. Turn the markmode off


You may need to become accustomed to it at first but in the end it should allow you quick and easy automated marking.

This function is BETA. I'm open for every suggestions/bugreports.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 September 2009 17:19
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